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Dear Visitor,

welcome to the Hungarian geocaching web site! (founded in 2001) is maintained by the Association of Hungarian Geocaching, a non-profit organization founded in 2004. It serves as the main community portal for Hungarian-speaking geocachers.

Unlike most other country-specific geocaching web sites, however, we do not rely on the international geocaching web site for our caches. We have our own cache database, independent from As of September 2007, our database contains more than 1800 caches. Although many of our members choose to report their caches on as well, less than half of the caches in our database are also published on For our database, we mainly focus on caches placed in Hungary; caches in neighboring countries are also accepted provided that the cache is in some way related to Hungary or Hungarians.

When a geocacher wishes to report a new geocache to, a team of 12 reviewers vote on whether the new cache meets our requirements. Geocaches at interesting locations that are worth visiting are usually preferred. When a new cache is about to be placed in a Hungarian national park or nature reserve, the Association takes on the task of seeking permission from the appropriate Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water to place the new cache.

Logging finds for the caches published on our web site is slightly different from the way it is done on To log a find at, the finder needs to enter the password that is usually hidden inside the cache. The requirement of assigning a password to each geocache has enabled us to introduce a new way of setting up multi-caches as well: instead of hiding the coordinates for the next part at each part, the cache owner can make the coordinates for all parts of the multi-cache public, and hide a fragment of the password at each part.

Please note: The Association of Hungarian Geocaching explicitly excludes any liability for damages, accidents, illegal activites or violations of law occurring while hiding or seeking geocaches. In addition, we do not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published on this web site.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding any information published on this web site, please contact us at
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