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A menü nekem is villogott. Meglátjuk mit tud!
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GPSMAP 66 (WebUpdater) software version 5.00 - November 5, 2020
Use Garmin Express to install this file. (19.83 MB)

Changes made from version 4.80 to 5.00:
Fixed issue causing some software updates to fail.
Improved the process of deleting .ggz files.
Fixed issue with geocache proximity alarm slowing down start up times.
Fixed possible shutdown on photo viewer with lots of photos.
Fixed potential flashing of main menu on top of different apps.
Fixed issue that could occur when clearing geocaching live data while navigating to a geocache.

Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.80:
Added support for the additional waypoints part of a geocache to be downloaded via geocaching live
Added geocache proximity alerts
Added Auto Save to recording setup, replacing Auto Archive
Added Garmin Explore collections manager
Improved text entry for inReach remote
Improved BirdsEye Direct download speeds
Improved use of Menu > Menu so that page sequence positioning is not lost
Improved Chirp icon to indicate when Chirp is active
Improved behavior of navigation of the active track after a power cycle
Fixed possible issues sending messages with inReach Remote
Fixed possible shutdowns related to BirdsEye Direct
Fixed possible issues with Chirp pages
Fixed possible issues with geocache filters
Fixed possible display issue on the review page for right to left languages
Fixed incorrect location data on geocache logs
Fixed possible issue where calendar would select the wrong day
Fixed possible issue reading data from microSD cards
Connect IQ security improvements
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Mi változott, lehet tudni?
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GPSMAP 66 (WebUpdater) software version 5.00

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