Leírás:How to Choose the Right Platform Bed for Feng Shui

Platform beds do not include traditional box springs, and it makes them fit well in feng shui. These bed designs with their gentle curves and simple lines make them ideal. They are comfortable, versatile, and simple in appearance. Feng Shui focuses on five elements that are known to attract various energies. These are fire, wood, earth, water, and metal. As you choose the right best platform bed , these elements must be balanced.

Why Is The Bedroom Affected By Feng Shui?

The principle of feng shui is to arrange objects in a certain way. The way they are organized enhances the sleeping area for comfortable rest.
The arrangement makes the room more relaxing, peaceful, and perfectly balanced. This promotes better sleep which in turn boosts health. It is also believed that abiding by these principles promotes success and luck.

Some Ideas about Platform Beds Suitable For Feng Shui

With the different elements of Feng Shui, there are various ways that you can bring it to your bedroom. For you to enjoy the harmony that it creates, you must follow essential ideas.


To create the Feng Shui environment, the platform bed needs to have a headboard. A sturdy, upholstery, or solid wood headboard is highly recommended as its best represents support and the necessary stability. Also, it should be fastened securely to the best platform bed frame.

This kind of headboard secures relationships for couples and stabilizes your life. It can be square, curved, rectangular, or even heart-shaped. It is known to offer yin and yang energies.


The best colors for Feng Shui should be neutral. Bright colors are not calming and are not the best for this kind of environment.
Choose a Minimalist Bed

The best platform bed for this practice should be simple. The design and the colors should not be overwhelming. Avoid a bed with plenty of storage space such as drawers, cubbies, and bookshelves. Electronics should also not be kept on the bed. These will inhibit energy from flowing freely.

The Bed Should Not Be Divided

The right platform bed should not be divided in the middle. There are beds such as the king-size ones that are big and maybe divided to create an illusion of two joined twin beds. This is not a good idea when practicing Feng Shui. Divided beds should be avoided as they tend to create a feeling and a symbol that the couple is split. For harmony, the bed should be a single piece so that there is no possibility of the couple splitting due to the environment.


The advantage of Feng Shui is that it creates a harmonious environment in the bedroom for better sleep. The practice uses various elements for a relaxing space. It then creates a peaceful atmosphere for better sleep and health.

The colors of the platform bed should be calming, the design should not be overwhelming, and it should have a solid headboard. All these will help in allowing energy to flow freely.
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