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How To Install Ceramic Tiles On Wall


Ceramic tile is among the top favorite constructional materials due to its versatility and duration. Tiles can be used to lay on the floor or wall, but the most common use is for bathrooms and kitchens. Learning how to install ceramic tiles on walls can do you a good favor in transforming your room without spending too much on hiring professional builders.

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1. Prepare the tile surface:

  • Make sure the wall is ready for the installation: If you are transforming an old wall with existing decorations and items, it is important to remove all those items and make your wall free of any obstacles.
  • Then check the base layer to be sure that it is sound enough. A spiffy and strong wall can prevent the tiling from cracking, breaking and falling off.
  • Use a level to make sure that the wall surface is flat enough. You might want to learn more about leveling tools to find the best one.


2. Cut the tiles:

For some places where the wall items such as lights, switches, shower heads are hung, you would be required to cut the tiles to fit them in.

  • Dry fit the tiles to make sure they would look as you expect.
  • Figure out the size to cut by measuring the space dimensions carefully.
  • Use a diamond wet saw to cut the tiles.


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3. Lay the tiles:

  • Mix the mortar: You’ll need thin set mortar and a trowel to do this job. It is recommended to partially add mortar into a bucket and slowly add water to mix them up until the mixture feels like peanut butter. The mortar should not be too dry or wet otherwise it would not be strong enough to stick the tiles.
  • Apply the mortar using the trowel: Place a small amount of mortar on one side first. Then stretch it out using the notched edge of the trowel with long and sweeping motions.
  • Place the tile on the wall: After the mortar on the wall is ready, start placing the tiles one by one. Hold a tile and put it on the mortar. You can use the handle of the trowel, striking slightly on the tile surface to make it stick to the wall. Repeat this step with other tiles until the wall surface is covered. Be sure that tiles are evenly distributed.

If the mortar arises between the tiles, the mortar bed is too thick. Then you would need to apply a smaller amount of mortar or use a smaller trowel.

It is of importance to check the level of the tiles. This is when a laser level comes in handy again.


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4. Grout the tiles:

  • Mix your grout: Before mixing, be sure that the suitable grout is selected for your project. Do the same as mixing the mortar. Use a bucket and add the powder and water gradually. Do not forget to strictly follow the grout package instructions as well since mixing in the wrong ratio of powder and water or mixing it too long can destroy the mixture.
  • Spread the grout using a grout float.
  • Clean the grout after 20 minutes using a sponge.
  • Allow the grout to cure in about 3 hours.
  • Seal the grout with grout sealer. This should be repeated on an annual basis.


Source: http://www.aytoloja.org/jforum/user/profile/117939.page


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